What & Who is Rincón Pain Management

Pain management through targeted stretching, exercises and palpation.  This is not a Doctor’s Office and we do not offer Massage Therapy.  Visit our Self Care pages to get an idea of what we are talking about.

Sessions are $100.   The goal is NOT to keep you coming back for more sessions but to send you away, after just 1 session, with the knowledge to manage your pain.    Follow up emails, direction and communications to help elevate or minimize your pain are included in 1 session pricing.

Neuromuscular, TrPt, PNF Therapies

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Neuromuscular Therapy  addresses Trigger Points, TrPt, which are predictable and repeatable pain patterns caused by tiny knots that develop in a muscle when it is injured, overworked and/or unhealthy. TrPt usually send their pain to some other part of the body. This is the reason conventional treatment can fail. It’s a mistake to assume that the problem is at the place that hurts! Travell and Simons’ research has shown that TrPt are the primary cause of pain seventy-five percent of the time and are at least a part of nearly every pain problem. TrPt can cause headaches, neck and jaw pain, low back pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

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There are times when muscles cause the same type pain and symptoms associated with clinical conditions, for example; Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Carpel Tunnel, Sciatica, Tennis Elbow, Headaches etc. There are also times when the muscle in pain is not the source of the pain. Knowing these muscle pain patterns is a central theme to NMT. NMT takes into account, Trigger Points as well as the origin, insertion, action & function of a muscle

When dealing with clients not only do I consider NMT but overall muscle health, such as, hydration, nutrition, heat, ice, nervous system/stress, stretching and self-massage are all explored in an effort to elevate pains and achieve optimal sport and life goals.

I work with clients to elevate and manage pain. This includes attention by the client while not in the massage session. Most often, there is a perpetuating factor involved in serious discomfort. Causes can range from nutrition to sleep positions to shoes to daily activities to stress to previous injuries and to body dimensions. If you are willing to explore these issues, I am willing to help. It takes client and therapist to achieve!

I have been practicing Neuromuscular Therapy for over 10 years.   I was educated at the highly accredited Western Institute of Neuromuscular Therapy.   My clients over the years have included NASCAR, Basketball, Football and Baseball Professionals .   As well as high level non-professional athletes and clients who have suffered car or work related injuries.    Even those clients who suffer pain from issues that can not be altered, pain management can be achieved by identifying and addressing those secondary muscles involved.

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win 2004 Graduate of the Western Institute of Neuromuscular Therapy