Self Care

All these pages of self care are very dynamic.  Although I have been specializing in Sports & Neuromuscular Therapy for over 10 years I had never taken the time to document  what clients find the most helpful – and what are the more common aches and pains that home care can help.  So check back often or email me if you want more information in a specific area. Some items that can help with home care.

If the pain you are experiencing is new always consider a notebook to document your activities to notice a pattern or changed activity that can be causing the new discomfort.   Keep in mind even the most innocent of activities, if repeated can put a muscle into a pain cycle.   Never stretch or palpate past the point of ‘comfort’.   Sometimes the worst thing my clients do is continue to move in a way that causes the discomfort.  I like to use the analogy of a cut that has a scab.   You don’t continue to pick at the scab if you want it to heal.    That said, if you have an intense pain that continues and is more systemic than localized please visit a medical Doctor or Chiropractor.

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