Mid Back Pain

Mid Back Pain?

The erector spinae is often the problem when it comes to lumbar back pain.  Learning more about them and testing their sensitivity to touch (purchase a TheraCane massager) can help determine if they are indeed the source of your specific pain.    Also, if they respond well to targeted stretching will clue you into knowing if they are the source of your pain.  The following information can get you started on determining if the erector spinae (aka paraspinal muscles) are the culprit.    That said, if none of this seems to be your issue – we need to target the exact point of pain better.  Your chiropractor or massage therapist can do that if you are unable to visit Rincon Pain Management!

The erector spinae  or paraspinals consists of the muscles – longissimus thoracis, iliocostalis, multifidi, rotatores – and runs on and parallel to the spine.

This video gives you an overview of that area

Daily Stretches to consider for mid back pain – Erector Spinae Muscles